Debbie Ide, Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Ide

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelors in Management Information Systems, Central Michigan University

Debbie is known for juggling several tasks at once and thrives on being busy. A perpetual list-maker and planner, she delights in details and prefers organization as opposed to the element of surprise. When she is not attending to the many duties at Cornerstone you can most often find her doing something creative. HGTV is a steady source of inspiration for her love of remodeling/redecorating. A skilled shopper, she readily admits she may need a 12-step program for her addiction to HomeGoods. She also loves fashion, is a die-hard Survivor fan and an avid reader. She prefers the beach to the mountains so most vacations involve sandy toes and umbrella drinks.

Having lived on each coast, her dream is to one day live near an ocean again and enjoy the salty breezes.

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Bachelors in Management Information Systems, Central Michigan University

What does Cornerstone mean to you?

“Cornerstone is life-changing. Kids transform before our eyes, parents regain hope and staff give themselves to make a difference. I feel proud every day.”

How has working at Cornerstone impacted you?

“I am surrounded each day by amazing, talented individuals who impact the lives of so many. Each day brings new challenges and it can be crazy at times – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am in awe of what our staff is able to accomplish.”

What is the most inspiring part of working at Cornerstone?

“I hope I inspire people to continue to give of themselves and strive to always deliver their best.”

What’s your favorite Cornerstone memory?

“A therapist once posted on social media that she ‘had landed her dream job’. I got goose bumps knowing that I lead an organization that makes people feel like that.”

Describe your Cornerstone experience in a sentence.

“Beyond all expectations!”