Brittany Peet, ABA Therapist

Brittany Peet

ABA Therapist

Brittany is a loveable nerd who enjoys all things books, movies, or anything comic-related. She is often known to make references and jokes that nobody seems to understand. As an avid book reader  Brittany believes everyone should strive to make every day worth writing about. She studied art in order to become an art therapist. However after discovering ABA through art therapy, Brittany fell in love with the career and opportunities  it provided. Brittany has been an ABA therapist for several years. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and grow in the field.

Brittany loves seeking out adventure. Brittany also enjoys learning about everyone she comes in contact with. She loves discovering new cultures, lifestyles, and just people in general. With that being said, Brittany is a very timid creature by nature. Like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, Brittany seeks courage, but she will transform right before your eyes once she becomes comfortable with new environments and people. When Brittany is not working she can usually be found spending time with her daughter, going on adventures, reading, or doing something creative.

Brittany’s dream is just to take on life with all it has to offer, and to just stay golden.