Annamarie Jimenez, ABA Therapist

Annamarie Jimenez

ABA Therapist

With her phone and keys in one hand and her handy-dandy planner in the other, Annamarie is ready to face any situation. Just ask her two kids and loving husband, and they’ll tell you. At home, she likes cooking and spending time with her family. Annamarie has a small plant collection that consists of twelve types of plants. She also likes to sing karaoke. And with the loudspeaker, Annamarie enjoys impromptu dance parties in the living room with her kids. At work, she is hardworking and goal-oriented. Being part of an upbeat team is what Annamarie wants in a career. Annamarie is grateful for all the opportunities and people in her life.

Annamarie dreams of being an expert at playing the ukulele, having a plant room in her house for all her plants, and traveling to the Philippines and Mexico with family.