Zane’s Story

Where Zane Started

Zane began therapy at Cornerstone in March of 2018. When he started, Zane struggled with transitions between activities, had limited attending skills, and was unable to follow multi-step instructions. Although Zane was very social with adults, he needed assistance to initiate and participate in peer interactions. Zane also hesitated to ask for help with tougher tasks, which led to challenging behavior. Due to hyperactivity, staying seated during mealtime was also difficult for Zane.

How Zane Improved

After beginning Cornerstone, Zane quickly completed all VB-MAPP goals and began working on functional living skills He focused on his conversational skills and began answering and asking WH questions. Throughout his time here, Zane learned to manage his hyperactivity and became aware of his personal space. Additionally, he gained the skills to initiate conversations with peers and engage in age-appropriate activities. Zane made significant progress with the ability to transition between activities and handle changes in routine. An increased ability to engage appropriately with his peers allowed Zane to explore his interests and share those with his friends.

Zane’s progress with language development and behavior management allowed him to successfully engage in extracurricular activities outside of Cornerstone with peers as well. In order to prepare for school, Zane followed a time-based schedule to help him prepare for the transitions that occur during a typical school day. Zane graduated from Cornerstone Autism Center in August of 2020. He then transitioned into 3rd grade.

“It was amazing to watch Zane’s progress over the last few years at Cornerstone,” said Jazmin Castillo, MA, BCBA. “I am very proud of all of his hard work!”

Watch his full graduation day video with messages from his Cornerstone friends by clicking here.