Zane’s Story

Where Zane Started

Zane was nine years old when he started at Cornerstone in April of 2015. When Zane first arrived, he only had two points on the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment Placement Program (VB-MAPP) and did not have the ability to functionally express his wants and needs. At the time, he had no mode of communication. He would only make sounds or display maladaptive behaviors when trying to communicate. 

Upon starting ABA therapy, Zane needed assistance with most daily living skills, such as dressing himself and using the restroom.  At lunch, his therapists had to feed him and he often engaged in maladaptive behaviors during lunch time. Behaviorally, he emitted tantrums, physical aggression, property destruction, and elopement behaviors on a daily basis.


How Zane Improved

Zane is now 14 years old and has become a true Cornerstone success! He began learning sign language initially to increase his language and communication skills, but then began using an AAC device to further his communication and develop more independence. Zane is now able to form two word phrases using the device to help him communicate his wants and needs. Along with the AAC device he began emitting one word vocals for a variety of items! With his growth in communication, his behaviors have all decreased drastically from when he started. He has expanded his social skills by participating in group activities with peers and seeks out individuals for play. At lunch he became fully independent, is able to feed himself and even started to help his therapists get his food ready and clean up afterwards. He has mastered 92.5 milestones on the VB-MAPP assessment and has also started working within the Assessment of Functional Livings Skills (AFLS) assessment to gain more daily living skills and autonomy for self-help, such as toileting, dressing, and grooming. Not only have his skills increased, but his personality has truly bloomed.

Zane’s laughter, smile, and playfulness will truly be missed at Cornerstone. His legacy and impact will last forever. We are so excited to see where life takes him next and hear about all the things he accomplishes!