Wes’ Story

Where Wes Started

When Wes first started therapy at Cornerstone, he had limited vocals and rarely engaged with other children or adults.  His mom explained that she noticed how he always played alone. Wes struggled with transitions from preferred activities, and he did not have the ability to request the items that he wanted or needed.

“From the first day, there was never a time Wes didn’t want to go to Cornerstone,” said Jill, Wes’ mom. “That alone said something to me.  He just loved being there and loved every therapist he had as though they were family.”

How Wes Improved

Over his time at Cornerstone, Wes’ main reinforcer was having his peers or others around him. He loved to hold conversations with others about what they liked to do and would ask questions to carry on the conversation.

“It was truly an honor and joy to have Wes on my team,” said Erica Bushnell, MA, BCBA. “He will always hold a special place in my heart and has taught me more than I can even explain.  The room would light up the minute Wes walked in and he is loved by so many!”

Wes showed great improvement with his social skills and his group skills.  He could sit in a group for 20 minutes with five other children and would respond to questions from the teacher.

“Cornerstone helped Wes get more than just prepared for Kindergarten,” said Jill. “They got him excited.  They built his confidence.  And he is succeeding and doing great!”

Wes also showed progress with expressing his feelings.  He would communicate with his therapists when he needed a break or needed help with a task.  We also saw a huge decease in his target behaviors!

Since graduation, Wes has transitioned into a school setting. Erica and everyone on his team believes in Wes and that he will excel at everything he does in life.

“Wes & I drove past Cornerstone last week on our way home from an appointment.  I said, ‘Wes, look there’s Cornerstone!’  I looked back at him because he didn’t say anything.  Which was not like him.  He was smiling this amazing grin and I could see his mind running through happy memories.  It was the sweetest look of joy.  He finally said, ‘Hi friends.’ Then, ‘I love you Mommy.’  It made me feel like everything was exactly as it should be.”