Valentino’s Story

Where Valentino Started

Using his imagination, Valentino tip toes around the center, trying to not be seen. He hides with his therapists and calls himself a “secret ninja.”

When Valentino started a year ago, he was unable to communicate like this to his therapists and friends. He struggled to communicate his basic wants, needs or frustrations. Valentino would try to communicate his needs through aggressive behaviors. His therapists and leads were tracking physical aggression and property destruction the majority of the day. He started in primarily level 1 of the VB-MAPP.

How Valentino Improved

“Valentino has blossomed into a new kid,” said Hailey Guidi, BCBA. “He is happy, and he loves playing with his friends at the center. He thrives on joking with the grown ups too!”

Cornerstone developed a behavior plan that allows some control over the amount of reinforcement he receives – the better and faster he works, the more time he gets with desired items. This intervention has greatly impacted his progress and reduced his behaviors!

Now that he can communicate when he is frustrated, he is able to interact with others in a positive way. Valentino is very motivated to play with his friends. He can also go out in public more easily with his mom now. His therapists said he has a great sense of humor and big imagination. He is now in level 3 of the VB-MAPP.

“His growing vocabulary and language impresses and inspires me every day,” said therapist Kathryn Kintner. “His progress makes me feel honored we are able to be a part of that.”