Samlye’s Story

Where Samyle Started

Samyle started his time at Cornerstone working in level two of the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment (VB-MAPP). He came in with elopement behaviors and other attention-seeking behaviors. He struggled to express his feelings and his wants and needs appropriately, interacting with his peers, and staying with his therapists.

How Samyle Improved

When Samyle graduated, he had mastered 170 out of 170 goals in the VB-MAPP. He was able to work for over four minutes without maladaptive behaviors. He began working on basic school skills such as writing sentences, writing his name and numbers, and identifying parts of speech. Samyle can now independently hold a conversation with his peers, express his feelings and his wants and needs independently, and stays with his therapists!

“I am so proud of all that Samyle has accomplished here at Cornerstone. It was great to be a part of his growth. He is going to do so well at his new school!” Rachel Moon, MA, BCBA