Ryleigh’s Story

Where Ryleigh Began

Ryleigh began her journey at Cornerstone Autism Center in June of 2015. When Ryleigh first started at Cornerstone, she exhibited several target behaviors including mouthing, property destruction, non-compliance, elopement, and tantrum. Ryleigh had a total VBMAPP milestone assessment score of 13.5 points out of 170. She had limited functional communication and had a variety of triggers to target behaviors including denied access, and escape from aversive tasks and activities.

How Ryleigh Improved

When Ryleigh graduated from Cornerstone, she had an overall score of 160.5 out of 170 milestone points on the VB-MAPP assessment, with a total growth of 147 points. Ryleigh can mand for others to attend to her, communicate functionally, engage in social play activities with peers without adult prompts, and sit in a group for 20 minutes with her peers without engaging in disruptive behaviors. Furthermore, Ryleigh mastered several skills from the AFLS assessment to increase her independence across areas such as; self-help and daily living skills, core academics, mealtime skills, routines and expectations, and classroom mechanics. Additionally, Ryleigh has a total listener repertoire of 1,200 words, can copy all 26 upper and lowercase letters, and can match a written number to a quantity and a quantity to a written number. We are all so proud of how far Ryleigh has come!

“Every single day at Cornerstone, you would be able to find Ryleigh in the art room. If you have ever had the pleasure of working with and knowing Ryleigh, you would find her crafting and drawing SpongeBob characters or dressing up in costumes regularly. Ryleigh has never lost her creativity and that creativity, along with Ryleigh’s bubbly personality, is something that will be missed by all our staff here at Cornerstone. We are certain she will continue to thrive in all that she will do in the future.” – Kelli Russell, BCBA