Reuben’s Story

Where Reuben Started

When Reuben first began ABA therapy at Cornerstone in February 2018, he initially scored a 14 out of the 170 measurable milestones on the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) Assessment. Reuben had a difficult time effectively communicating his wants and needs and had a limited ASL sign repertoire when he first started services.  Prior to Cornerstone, Reuben would often engage in problem behaviors such as tantrum and physical aggression. During his time at Cornerstone, Reuben expanded on his ASL sign repertoire, used an AAC device, and began vocally communicating in full sentences.

How Reuben Has Improved

Reuben graduated from Cornerstone with 165 milestones on the VB-MAPP Assessment.  In addition, he had social interactions with his peers to better prepare him for school. Reuben began working on the Assessment for Functional Living Skills (AFLS) to better prepare him for a classroom setting. Reuben is now able to effectively communicate his wants and needs, attend social settings for 30 minutes, follow multi-component directions, assist with a variety of household chores, heat up his lunch, and independently work on several self-care tasks such as brushing his teeth, flossing, and washing his face.

“We are so proud of all of Reuben’s hard work,” said Megan Prickel, Board Certified Behavior Analyst. “We will miss his smile and sense of humor.  We wish him the best at school!”