Reece’s Story

Where Reece Started

When Reece started at Cornerstone, he began in the lower level 2 of the Verbal Behavior Assessment (VB-MAPP). Reece had difficulty with manding, group skills, imitation skills, social skills, and listener-responding based of feature, function and class.

Reece struggled with attending group settings. He had many food aversions when he first started therapy at Cornerstone. In addition, Reece had significant problems in daily life skills.

How Reece Improved

Reece spent the past year at Cornerstone working on many skills! We watched him flourish into such a funny, creative, and caring kiddo. He worked hard every day and mastered many skills from riding a bike, to attending groups for 30 minutes, to eating vegetables, to making a bed, to sharing his toys and starting conversations with peers!  Reece finished in level 3 of the VB-MAPP! He made a full transition to 1st grade and we could not be more proud of Reece. We feel so lucky to have been graced with Reece’s smile each and every day!