Noah’s Story

Where Noah Started

When Noah started therapy at Cornerstone in August 2019, at three years old, he had 35 of the 170 milestones in the VB-MAPP Assessment.

Before attending Cornerstone, Noah went to a daycare where his mother received calls multiple times a week due to his maladaptive behaviors. Noah engaged in those behaviors to express his wants and needs at the time. Noah’s mother sought Cornerstone to increase his social skills, address his language and communication deficits, and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

How Noah Improved

During his time here, Noah has developed skills to talk about his emotions, appropriately play and share with peers, and wait for his turn. Fine motor skills presented as a challenge for Noah, but he is now buttoning his pants on his own and writing all the lowercase and uppercase letters with ease. Noah was not toilet trained before attending Cornerstone and over the last year he has accomplished that goal. In the last two years with Cornerstone, Noah learned new skills and developed many relationships with those around him. He has blown us away with his ability to count, read, and solve advanced math problems.

Noah graduated in May 2021 with 135 VB-MAPP Milestones and numerous points from the AFLS assessment. “We are so excited to hear about the amazing things Noah does at his new school. He is going to blow them away, just like he has us.”, said his BCBA, Madison Morris.