Nick’s Story

Where Nickolas Started

When Nickolas first started at Cornerstone, he engaged in continuous property destruction, elopement, and physical aggression several times a day.  Program sessions only lasted three minutes and he did not spend time in the classroom.

How Nickolas Improved

Nickolas spends the majority of his day in the classroom and will work for 30 minutes before reinforcement.  He has mastered all targets from the VB-MAPP and at least 90% of the AFLS school assessment.  Nickolas independently uses a self-management app during his entire first shift and only requires gestural prompts to stay on task. When he is frustrated, he independently uses functional communication and coping strategies to calm himself down.

He has transitioned back to school in January 2018. Since starting school, Nick has had zero behaviors and is being mainstreamed for specials, recess, lunch, and math! His teacher assisted with his behaviors at school prior to him coming to Cornerstone and told us she is amazed at his progress. She said his self-management skills and awareness are way more evident and he is doing so well with all of his academics and social settings! Go Nick!!