Mia’s Story

Where Mia Started

When Mia first started at Cornerstone in 2016, she had 19 out of 170 measurable milestones across the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). Mia struggled to request her wants and needs. She would communicate by pulling adults towards items of interest or engage in problem behaviors.  She had limited functional living skills and little interest in engaging with those around her.

How Mia Improved

Over the past five years at Cornerstone, Mia gained 105 measurable milestones across the VB-MAPP assessment. She expanded her ability to communicate using three-word sentences. Her motivation to interact with others increased as she can now express her needs and can respond to the requests of others. She recently began working on the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) to better prepare for school and improve functional living skills.

“Mia made great progress during her time at Cornerstone and will be greatly missed!” Charlotte Williamson, BCBA.