Melanie’s Story

Where Melanie Started

“Melanie is the perfect mix of superhero and princess,” said Amanda Badger, Team Lead and MA. “She is full of energy and loves taking selfie videos to display her charismatic personality.”

When Melanie first started at Cornerstone, she would not wear her jacket, shoes and socks. She wore noise canceling headphones every day and avoided crowded rooms. She was consistently on the move and could only handle a small set of demands prior to reinforcement. Socially, Melanie rarely made eye contact with others and did not enjoy parallel play with peers.

How Melanie Improved

Currently, Melanie will independently put on her jacket, shoes, and socks without engaging in any maladaptive behaviors. She follows a full day “mock” school schedule, where she works on tasks for an average of 20 minutes before reinforcement. Melanie independently mands. She also responds to her peers and consistently makes eye contact with others.

“We will miss her giggles, big hugs, and the joy she brings to any room she enters,” said Amanda. “We are incredibly proud of Melanie and very excited to watch her blossom at school.”