Julio’s Story

Where Julio Started

Julio began therapy at Cornerstone in September of 2015. When he began attending the center, he was nonverbal and not able to request desired items or activities or appropriately interact with peers.  Upon entry, he learned to use American Sign Language (ASL) paired with emerging vocals to make requests.

How Julio Improved

When he graduated, Julio was speaking in full sentences and engaging in verbal exchanges with adults and peers.  One of his favorite reinforcement activities was playing with his friends!  Julio worked in our transition room for the last year, gaining the ability to work more independently and to work alongside peers. He had to learn social skills and self-management skills to be successful in a school setting.  Julio graduated from Cornerstone in December 2019. He is enrolled in third grade at his elementary school, where he most looks forward to riding the school bus with his new friends.

“We are so proud of Julio’s growth during his time at Cornerstone,” said Hailey Guidi, MA, BCBA.