Josslyn’s Story

Where Jossy Started
When Josslyn first began at Cornerstone Autism Center her parents had many things they hoped she would accomplish. Among those were motor skills, specifically walking and feeding behavior which included the use of utensils at meal times.

How She Has Improved
Jossy has grown an incredible amount in her motor skills and is now able to walk around all day with very limited help while at Cornerstone. She has also shown incredible growth in her feeding behavior. She is able to use a spoon independently and a fork with some assistance during meal times. Jossy initially lacked communication. She has since begun to learn several signs to help her communicate. When Josslyn is motivated she is able to emit several signs independently, including Ipad and swing. The target behaviors tracked by Jossy’s Clinical Coordinators have also decreased. At one point Josslyn displayed self-injurious behavior, mouthing, dropping and tantrums. Currently she has only two tracked behaviors, tantrums and mouthing!