Joseduardo’s Story

Where Joseduardo Started

When Joseduardo started at Cornerstone in 2016, he had difficulty with transitions, sharing with peers, and communicating his wants and needs effectively.  Instead of using his words to express his frustrations, he would often engage in noncompliance for long periods of time, tantrums and physical aggression towards those around him.  He displayed skills in level one and level two of the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment. His programming sessions were very short, and he required frequent access to reinforcement.

During reinforcement, Joseduardo did not like to engage with his peers or his therapists.  He would play alone and would engage in high amounts of scripting behavior that was difficult to redirect.

How Joseduardo Improved

“Watching Joseduardo grow over the past two and half years at Cornerstone has been one of the most incredible experiences,” said BCBA Erica Bushnell. “He brightens everyone’s day, has learned so many new skills and has quickly become a well-known name with numerous friends.”

Joseduardo graduated in January 2020 with a fully completed VB-MAPP Milestones Assessment and numerous points from the AFLS assessment in preparation for him to transition to 4th grade.

Prior to graduating, Joseduardo was able to work for over 30 minutes at a time on a variety of tasks independently and able to self-manage when he became frustrated by using his words to tell his friends and teachers how he was feeling and what he needed to work through the situation. Seeing Joseduardo improve so drastically in both academic skills and behavior management has been so incredible.

“We know he is going to be a favorite at his new school,” said BCBA Angie Robbins. “His bright smile, contagious personality, and comical nature will be greatly missed!”