Jayden’s Story

Where Jayden Started

Jayden started at Cornerstone back in February 2020. Jayden immediately stole the hearts of therapists and the clinical team with his undying love for princesses, especially Elsa. Jayden had a hard time attending to things, engaged in high rates of hyperactive behaviors, and had daily occurrences of physical aggression when asked to complete programs and transition away from playtime. Jayden loved to play chase with therapists and shared his contagious laugh with everyone who played with him but struggled to share with peers. Jayden started with 16 out of 170 milestone points on the VB-MAPP.

Where Jayden is Now

Now, two and a half years later, Jayden is speaking in full, clear sentences and using all parts of speech. Jayden asks questions about the world around him and has worked hard using his words to talk about his feelings. Jayden has grown exponentially in his social skills. He still enjoys playing with his therapists, but also plays well with anyone and everyone. He makes friends easily and shares his toys independently. Upon his transition, Jayden was following an all-day classroom schedule, using his words to talk about his feelings, and still making everyone laugh (future comedian in the making)! Jayden has mastered 155 out of 170 milestones on the VB-MAPP. We will miss Jayden so much, but know he is ready to take on first grade!

Watch Jayden’s full graduation video here: https://youtu.be/Ldgkp-CCV5k