Jack’s Story

Where Jack Started
When Jack started at Cornerstone in the fall of 2012, he exhibited tantrum behavior frequently throughout the session, after almost every transition away from preferred activities. One of the first days at the center he engaged in a tantrum that lasted the majority of the 3 hours he attended. His eye contact when interacting with others was inconsistent, as was his responding to his name during play activities.  He was still wearing pull-ups and had been unsuccessful at potty training in the past. Jack scored mostly in Level 2 of the VB-MAPP Milestones assessment.

How Jack Improved
Now, Jack is working his way up through Level 3 of the VB-MAPP, and continues to master multiple programs weekly.  He is potty trained and has demonstrated the ability to succeed in group activities with peers.

One area Jack has really excelled in is his social behavior and social play, and he transitioned to half-day to a preschool classroom with typical peers in the fall of 2013, while attending Cornerstone half-day as well.  His conversation skills have greatly improved, and he can carry a conversation with peers that are years older than him.  He has a group of peers that he enjoys interacting with, and will work hard to earn tokens for free time to play with friends. Although he still occasionally exhibits tantrum behavior, it is less frequent and not as intense as past behaviors. Way to go Jack!

Jack's Autism Success Story