Gabriel’s Story

Where Gabriel Started

Gabe arrived at Cornerstone with a failed preschool placement and worries that he would continue to be fearful of school-like environments. He has initial difficulty separating from family members, but quickly grew to love his time with both therapists each day. Gabe started off struggling to play with different items in the center for longer than a few minutes at a time. However, access to the wide variety of toys and activities available at the center and patient therapists help him to find new choices.

How Gabriel Has Improved

Gabe is now a rock-star, mastering hundreds of programs across all types of verbal language, matching, social, and group skills.  He is a big fan of “The Animal Boogie” and acts out all the parts of the video, imitating the movements of each animal.  Gabe even gets his friends to sing and dance along!  Gabe is always excited to come to therapy each day and greets his therapists with hugs and hellos.  He loves to invite friends to play along with the equipment in the motor room, making excellent eye contact and asking for them to play together.​