Emmanuel’s Story

Where Emmanuel Started

When Emmanuel first began therapy at Cornerstone in 2017, he had 23 out of the 170 measurable milestones across the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). Emmanuel had a difficult time spontaneously requesting for items, interacting with peers, and unfamiliar people had a challenging time understanding his speech.  Before Cornerstone, Emmanuel would engage in problem behaviors such as physical aggression and self-injury.

How Emmanuel Improved

In the past four years at Cornerstone, he expanded his ability to communicate his wants and needs and is now speaking in full sentences. Emmanuel graduated from Cornerstone with 169 out of the 170 measurable milestones across the VB-MAPP assessment. He also began working on the Assessment for Functional Living Skills (AFLS) to better prepare for the transition to a school setting. While attending Cornerstone, Emmanuel learned how to carry on a conversation with peers, read and write, and attend a virtual classroom group.