Desi’s Story

Where Desi Started


When Desi began therapy at Cornerstone in January 2018, he was just two years old. His therapists loved his smile and joy for anything and everything that had lights. He had just 12.5 out of 170 milestones on the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). He communicated using sign language and showed little interest in interacting with others. Desi engaged in high rates of noncompliance behaviors and often self-injury as he struggled with his feelings with others.

How Desi Improved


Now, over four years later, Desi is a highly energetic six-year-old! Desi is a prime example of a Cornerstone success in all the ways he has grown, as he has now mastered 164 out of 170 milestones on the VB-MAPP! Desi is now independent in self-help skills such as toileting, following a classroom schedule all day in preparation for school, and expressing himself using complete sentences, pronouns, and feelings. Desi has found a new love for numbers and loves learning about time and dates. He enjoys asking “how” and “what” questions to ask others about how much gas is in their cars or how high he is swinging using percentages. His language skills have increased phenomenally during his time at Cornerstone! We are proud of his growth in communication, reading, writing, and math skills. We know Desi’s success will continue to grow as he starts first grade this fall. We will miss Desi so much!