Dawson’s Story

Where Dawson Started

Dawson came into Cornerstone with self-injurious behaviors and other attention-seeking behaviors. He struggled with focusing on tasks for extended periods of time and started with only working for one minute at a time before receiving reinforcement. He started his time at Cornerstone working in level two of the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment (VB-MAPP).

How Dawson Improved

By the time Dawson graduated, he had mastered 164 out of 170 goals in the VB-MAPP. He was working in the classroom group for 30 minutes at a time and was able to work for over 4 minutes without maladaptive behaviors. He began working on writing his name and numbers, as well as other basic school skills before graduating. He understands the days of the week and months of the year. Dawson excels in communication skills, and he can now independently hold a conversation with his peers!

“I am so proud of Dawson for everything that he accomplished during his time at Cornerstone,” said BCBA Drew Young. “It was amazing to see his growth and getting to be a part of that. He worked so hard and he is going to do so well in school!”

Click the image below to watch Dawson’s graduation slideshow.