Braydon’s Story

Where Braydon Started

Braydon began at Cornerstone in August 2016.  At that time, he scored primarily in Level 1 of the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment (VB-MAPP), and his verbal language was not very easily understood by unfamiliar adults.  This lack of functional language, along with strong fixation on certain items like cars, hindered Braydon’s ability to sustain conversation with others and to interact with his peers.  He had experienced several failed daycare and preschool placements that were unsuccessful due to his lack of language and problem behaviors.  He would engage in regular tantrums, hitting and biting others, and throwing objects at other people when he was upset and unable to communicate his wants and needs.  Braydon engaged in extreme ritualistic behaviors, where he would have excessively wash his hands or brush his teeth, insist on washing all his toy cars each night before going to bed, or meltdowns if the family took a different route while driving to their destination.

How Braydon Improved

After receiving ABA therapy, Braydon successfully mastered all milestones in the VB-MAPP assessment and several goals within the AFLS assessment protocols.  He loved playing with his peers, and this became his number one choice of reinforcement.  Braydon’s problem behaviors were reduced significantly, and he tested above the cutoff scores in all areas of social and academic development when assessed for preschool!  Braydon graduated from Cornerstone in December 2017 and will be attending kindergarten in the fall.

“Braydon is an amazing kid with such an infectious personality,” said BCBA Hailey Guidi. “I will especially miss seeing him ride around and patrol the center on his “police bike” to make sure everyone is following the rules!  We are all so proud of him and everything he accomplished here at Cornerstone!