Bailey’s Story

Where Bailey Started

Bailey began attending Cornerstone in August of 2017. At that time, Bailey had difficulty with peer interactions, engaged in frequent tantrums, and had trouble transitioning from one activity to the next. Regarding peer interaction, she had difficulty recognizing nonverbal cues that could help lead a conversation.  She was very rigid in her play and became upset if someone went off script and didn’t follow her directions.

How Bailey Improved

Bailey has made such amazing progress during her time at Cornerstone. She has completed all three levels of the VB-MAPP, has improved her ability to interact functionally with her peers, and has worked on a variety of daily living skills. Bailey attended a daily Social Thinking group at Cornerstone and has gained a greater understanding of topics such as empathy and active listening. She has become a master at sweeping, washing dishes, and making a bed. Bailey has worked on initiating conversations with peers and does a great job of having reciprocal conversations with others.

“She has been a joy to have at Cornerstone,” said Bailey’s Team Lead, Ellen Brooks. “We wish Bailey the best in all her future plans!”