Ace & Quentin’s Story

Where They Started

The brothers were completely nonverbal when they started at Cornerstone. They had almost no mastered skills. Even basic gross motor imitation took hundreds of trials to teach. Quentin had to sit at the computer to do even the most basic task because he needed almost constant reinforcement.

Where They Are

Fast forward to now and Quentin is primarily working in level 2 with some skills in level 3 on the VB-MAPP. He independently uses 2-3 word mands. He has expanded his choices for reinforcement beyond the computer and iPad.

Ace is also mostly working in level 2 with a few deficits in high level 1. He can independently mand for various items with vocal approximations and signs.  Most vocal approximations are understood by familiar adults however, we are pairing the signs and shaping the vocals to ensure that novel listeners can also understand his requests.