September Staff Spotlights

September 3, 2014 - Morgan McClellan

September Staff Spotlights

Monthly, we will be highlighting two staff members and their accomplishments. They answer personal questions to help us get to know them on a deeper level. Please read below for details about the two staff members we are spotlighting this month: Rebekah Missi and Greta Horton.

Rebekah Missi, Greenwood & Columbus Training Coordinator

Rebekah poses for a picture with one of her clients.

“Although it does not feel as if ten years has passed by, it was that long ago that I began my college career at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio. (Fun fact: I went to school with Pierre Garcon, wide receiver for the Washington Redskins and former Colts player. And no, I never actually met him.) Even stranger than college being 10 years in the past, I cannot believe that my introduction to the field of ABA and Autism was only 1 ½ years before my graduation with a BA in Psychology. At that time, similar to other college students, I did not have a career plan (or job) lined up after graduation.    I loved the field of psychology yet realized my options were limited unless graduate school was in the horizon. Fortunately, my advisor stepped in and suggested that I look into Applied Behavior Analysis. Additionally, a collaboration between our college and the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism was in the works. To make a long story short, her suggestion changed my life forever. I began implementing ABA therapy with young children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in their home setting(s). I fell in love with the science of ABA because it really made (and continues to make) a difference in people’s lives. After college graduation, I transitioned from home programming to center-based therapy in Columbus, Ohio. (Another fun fact: My hometown is Cleveland, Ohio!) With several years of center-based therapy experience and a completed course sequence to obtain Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst standing, I was given the honor to serve Cornerstone through training staff and parents.

Rebekah has fun dressing up for the Christmas party!

Outside of Cornerstone my husband, Jason, and I enjoy traveling to see family with our only child…a sweet little boy named Floyd. He is a one year old boxer-retriever mix. Reading, hiking, spending time at ANY beach I can find, and (recently) an occasional tennis game are also some of my favorite pastimes. In the near future Jason and I hope to buy a somewhat larger home closer in proximity to church and family.”

Greta Horton, West Lafayette Therapist

Greta enjoys time with her family.

“My son, Quenten, is a 1-year-old. He just learned how to walk! He is also forming full words. He is holding everything up and saying, “This!” I also have a dog, Maggie May, who is a 7-year-old Beagle Basset Hound. What do I do in my free time…besides cleaning? Reading, cooking new recipes and spending time with my family. I love finding fresh ingredient recipes on Pinterest.”

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September 3, 2014, Morgan McClellan

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