September 2019 Newsletter

This summer we celebrated 9 years since our company opened its doors in Greenwood, Indiana. To thank them for all they do, we gave our co-founders their very own bobble heads! Check out the video of their reaction to this gift on our Facebook page.

EB Staff visit to Special Dogs & More  This past August some of our Edinburgh staff members took a trip to downtown Columbus to support a local restaurant. Special Dogs and More serves hot dogs and hamburgers, but also helps employ and train individuals with mental and intellectual challenges. Owners Randy and Robin Lapidus explain on their company website, “Over 70% of all disabled are unemployed. With proper training, support, and self-confidence they WILL be able to hold a job. We will help teach them skills such as cleaning, cooking, teamwork, life skills, social skills, and much more.” The Cornerstone staff enjoyed a variety of snacks that the restaurant offers while helping to support a great cause.

Thank you to these staff members for Maximizing Those Who Struggle, Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

Darian Parke, Therapist  Two years ago, I was invited to run the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. I set a personal goal of just finishing the race, but after finishing it I decided that I wanted to push myself to set a much harder goal. This year I set my Dream Manager goal for finishing the race within two hours and thirty minutes. The day of the race it was pouring, and the temperature was barely above 60. I ran the race in two hours and 15 minutes. It felt amazing to accomplish such an immense goal that I had set for myself and worked so hard to achieve.

The best advice that I have ever received was from my favorite professor at Franklin College, David Cunningham. He told me to never do something just because it is comfortable, but find the things that challenge and push me to become better. Out of this search came the opportunity of working for Cornerstone. I never realized how much I would enjoy this job, helping the kids, families, and coworkers. Cornerstone is the place that I call home and I would not have been able to find it without his help. My favorite thing about working with kids that have autism is that I now have a greater love for the smallest achievements and how they can come when you least expect it.

Jordan Banks, BCaBA and Quality Assurance  A Dream Manager Goal I accomplished this year was to buy my first motorcycle. I got my license and took a 5-day motorcycle and hiking trip down south.

I’m a strong supporter of Indiana Youth Group, a safe space for disenfranchised youth in the Indianapolis area. I also perform improv comedy with a group in Indianapolis.

My greatest passion is music. I love to write and perform. I have a small home studio I spend too much time in. I love to share music with our clients at Cornerstone. I have a ukulele that the kids like to play, and we write songs together. It’s the best.


Brooke Dahlenburg, Therapist  I love spending time with family and friends. You can find me outside in nice weather playing with my dogs or kayaking on the river.

My most memorable vacation was to Mexico with my whole family! We went for our family’s Christmas. We all had so much fun creating great memories together!

My Grandma inspires me because she is such a strong, nice, and caring person! She will help anyone out and support them through anything. Most of all she will find the best in everything.

I have the best job because every kid is unique and talented in their own way. I enjoy seeing the kids’ faces light up when they walk in to Cornerstone every morning.

FSSA Resource Guide  This guide from FSSA (Family and Social Services Administration) contains information about programs provided and administered by FSSA and gives direction on how Hoosiers qualify to receive assistance from a variety of programs. The Guide includes sections on Early Care and Education, Employment, Financial Services, Food and Nutrition, Health Coverage, Housing, and more. The guide can be read online or printed for future use.

Statewide Event for Families: 2019 Heart to Heart Conference  10/3, 8:30 am – 4 pm  Ivy Tech Conference Center, Indianapolis  Keynote Speaker, Self-Advocate Mark Hublar; Free Lunch and Exhibitor Expo. Topics include: Understanding the Funding Maze: Insurance, Waivers, and SSI; Creating Your Own Care Notebook; Transition to Adulthood Panel; Special Education; and How to Raise a Strong Self-Advocate. This event is free to families. Email for more information. Register at this link.  Registration closes Thursday, Sept. 26.

Medicaid Waiver
Indiana parents can apply for the Family Supports Medicaid Waiver for their child with autism. This program provides access to services that can help build independence, increase community supports, and lead to improvement of the individual’s quality of life. Services include Behavior Support, Parent Training, Music Therapy, and Respite. A child with autism can qualify for the Waiver regardless of his or her parents’ income if the child meets Level of Care criteria. Once on the Waiver, the individual will also receive Traditional Medicaid. The wait list for the Waiver is currently estimated at about a year. Click here to watch our webinar on how to fill out the forms needed to apply for the Family Supports Waiver. For a copy of the necessary forms to apply, Cornerstone families may contact our Parent Liaison Sheila Edwards at 317-888-1557. Families can also reach out to their local BDDS (Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services) office by calling the appropriate location for their county, found at this link.

Apple Pie Crumble Bars  Fall weather calls for visits to the apple orchard and fresh baked treats. Try this recipe for tender, crumbly apple pie bars with an almond-oat crust, baked cinnamon apples, and a crumble oat topping! Finished with a simple powdered sugar glaze for the ultimate fall treat that’s vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free!  The recipe uses just ten ingredients and is like apple crisp, apple pie and apple strudel all wrapped into one.  The crust is similar to a graham cracker crust, and simple to make. Try out this recipe with your family for a new fall treat.

Edinburgh  9/24, 8:45 am  Financial Resources  In this workshop we will explore financial resources for families, including grant options, assistance programs, equipment, activities, and more. RSVP through our Facebook event, or email Sheila ( if you are interested in attending. 

West Lafayette 9/25, 2:15 pm  Financial Resources  In this workshop we will explore financial resources for families, including grant options, assistance programs, equipment, activities, and more. RSVP through our Facebook event, or email Sheila ( if you are interested in attending.

West Lafayette 10/30, 2:15 pm  Medicaid Waivers  This presentation will cover services available through the Waiver, how to qualify, how to apply, choosing a case manager, and the process to request specialized medical equipment and supplies. We will also answer any questions you may have. Application forms will be available and we can help you fill them out at the meeting. Please RSVP through our Facebook event, or email Sheila ( if you are interested in attending.

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