Medicaid Waiver Forms

December 14, 2018 - Sheila Edwards, Parent Liaison

Medicaid Waiver Forms

In Indiana, parents of a child with autism can apply for the Family Supports Waiver (FSW) for their child. This program is funded by Medicaid and allows families to access funding for services which will help build independence, increase community supports, and lead to improvement of the individual’s quality of life.

A few of the services available to individuals in Indiana under the FSW include Behavioral Support Services, Family and Caregiver Training, Music Therapy, and Respite.

A child with autism can qualify for the Family Supports Waiver (FSW) regardless of his or her parents’ income if the child meets Level of Care criteria. The individual must be diagnosed with an intellectual disability, developmental disability, or related condition prior to the age of 22 years and that condition should be expected to continue indefinitely. The assets of the individual, such as savings accounts, are taken into account when applying.

The individual must have substantial functional limitations in at least three of six major life areas for Level of Care. These areas include self-care, learning, self-direction, capacity for independent living, understanding and use of language, and mobility.

Once on the waiver, the individual will also receive Traditional Medicaid, which will act as a secondary insurance for doctor’s visits and other health insurance needs at those providers who accept Traditional Medicaid. This can be helpful to those families with high deductibles.

The Family Supports Waiver allows an individual to access services within a total budget of $17,300.00 per year. Case management is a required part of this budget. The waitlist for the waiver is currently about a year.

Cornerstone Autism Center has created a webinar to help parents fill out the forms needed to apply for the Family Supports Waiver.

For a copy of the necessary forms to apply for the Family Supports Medicaid Waiver, assistance in filling out the forms, or for questions, Cornerstone families may contact Parent Liaison Sheila Edwards at 317-888-1557 or Families can also reach out to their local BDDS (Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services) office by calling the appropriate office for their county, found at this link:

Watch our webinar by clicking the photo below:

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December 14, 2018, Sheila Edwards, Parent Liaison

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