Let’s Talk About AAC

October 3, 2019 - Emily Diekhoff, CCC-SLP

Let’s Talk About AAC

By Emily Diekhoff, CCC-SLP

AAC is short for augmentative and alternative communication. Augmentative means ”to supplement” so it includes things that make communication easier such as pointing, gesturing, sign language, and speech generating devices if speech is difficult to understand. Alternative means “instead of” so it includes things that completely replace verbal communication.

In our latest webinar, All About AAC, I further explain the topic of AAC along with the best practices for teaching and supporting our AAC users! From this webinar, you will learn what AAC is, how to be a great communication partner for AAC users and how to create communication opportunities in everyday activities.

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October 3, 2019, Emily Diekhoff, CCC-SLP

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