Helpful Links

Here is a list of resources and web sites that you might find useful or interesting.


Legal resources

  • Wrightslaw
    Information on special education laws and advocacy for children with disabilities

Information and Support

  • Autism Society of America (ASA)
    National group that offers many support chapters.
  • Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)
    Organization dedicated to providing support and information for families affected by autism.
  • First Signs
    Their mission is to ensure the best developmental outcome for every child by promoting awareness regarding the most important and often overlooked aspects of development: social, emotional, and communication.
  • Autism Link
    This site contains discussion forums, chat rooms, resources by state, mentor program, recommended reading, and other information relating to autism.
  • The Autism Calendar
    A website divided into individual states that provides information on events and meetings in your local area.
  • Autism Community Store
    An online store dedicated to providing materials to help families and professionals with awareness, diet, biomedical supplies, teaching, and other products related to autism treatment.
  • The Autistic Traveler
    Central source of information for traveling with children with autism. This site will also provide useful links to enable you to successfully plan and execute a memorable vacation for you and your entire family.
  • People’s Guide to Autism
    A helpful website with many links regarding the history of autism, screening tools, how autism is diagnosed and much more.
  • Parenting Magazine Resources
    An online magazine with information about activities, services, independent living and advocacy.