Celebrating RBTs: Our Real-Life Superhero!

April 28, 2023 - Katie Hosea, MA, BCBA

Celebrating RBTs: Our Real-Life Superhero!

By: Katie Hosea, MA, BCBA

In my field, I have big dreams for the kids I work with. I dream that they’ll tie their shoes. I dream that they’ll meet new friends and say their names. I dream that they’ll trace shapes and brush their teeth. I work each day to find new ways to teach them these skills. This is why RBTs (registered behavior technicians) are my heroes!

RBTs see each untied shoe as an opportunity. They contrive social interactions and shape sounds to help them share their names. Their cheers can be heard around the center whenever a client independently traces a circle. They model scrubbing each tooth with a five count and sing and dance in the bathroom mirror to make it fun.

RBTs chase after our dreams for the children we serve every day. They take my ideas, and they put an incredible amount of work and dedication into them. They do it because they also believe. They love to learn, and even more, they love to teach. RBTs create a better future for our children and their families. RBTs are my heroes!

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April 28, 2023, Katie Hosea, MA, BCBA

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