February 2022 Newsletter

Parent Training: Visual Supports

Visual supports aid our children in processing information. This evidence based practice has been shown to improve skills in multiple areas (transitioning, safety, communication, etc.). Join us in-person or virtually to learn about this technique and real-life applications. You can RSVP through the slip sent home in the backpack or via email to psallade@cornerstoneautismcenter.com.

West Lafayette

Thursday February 24th @8:45AM

3482 McClure Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Madison and Polk

Thursday February 24th @8:45AM

380 Polk St, Greenwood, IN 46143


Friday February 25th @8:45AM

7517 Beechwood Centre Rd Suite 200, Avon, IN 46123=


Friday February 25th @8:45AM

3258 W Market Place Dr, Edinburgh, IN 46124

Virtual Meeting

Thursday @8PM

Friday @12PM

Link sent after RSVP is received

David’s Story

During his time in-center, David made substantial gains across parts of level two and three of the VB-MAPP assessment and had begun to excel in using American Sign Language to communicate across the verbal operants. David had also worked diligently on AFLS goals to increase his autonomy and achieved mastering daily living skills such as wearing gloves, toileting, brushing his teeth, and showering.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Cornerstone quickly had to formulate a plan to help support clients, such as David, in getting continued access to ABA-based therapy. Through the implementation of telehealth therapy, David was able to continue to access direct therapy sessions with his BCBA, Stephanie Dille-Huggins. Although existing medical concerns kept David from transitioning back to therapy in-center, he continued to grow and blossom during his telehealth sessions that he attended three days per week via zoom, over the last one and one-half years.

Read David’s full success story here.


Brandon’s Story

Since beginning at Cornerstone in July 2016, Brandon has made gains across all areas of the VB-MAPP assessment and AFLS.

Now, Brandon is manding for items using three or more words and using individual’s names to gain their attention appropriately.

Brandon is able to write his own name, count to 100, write numbers and letters, and has began to read short passages. Brandon has successfully completed toilet training at Cornerstone and can independently complete his lunch time routine of sitting at lunch appropriately and using a napkin, plate, and utensil as needed.

Read Brandon’s full success story here.


Thank you to these staff members for Maximizing Those Who Struggle, Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

William Reynolds, ABA Therapist I have one dream to become a BCBA, but right now I do love being an RBT.
I tend to play video games and watch criminal minds, as well as jam out to music!

My favorite place in the world is Cork & Cleaver. It is an amazing steak house in Fort Wayne that has the best prime ribs that I absolutely love.

I would say the connections you make while pairing and programming is what I love most about working at Cornerstone. It is the best thing to see clients work so hard on a program and get it independently! It’s by far the best job I have ever had!




Transition to School Checklist

Many of our clients who graduate from our ABA program transition to a school setting. This checklist we created can be a valuable resource for any family who is going through this transition in the near future.

View this checklist on our website here.


Mess for Less on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Here are some sensory-driven crafts that you can do with your child to celebrate this special holiday. From sensory bins to rose-scented play dough, these activities are sure to get you and your child in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Check it Out!


Winter Activities for Children with Autism in Indiana

As the cold months settle in, are you struggling to find activities for your child in the community or at home? We have compiled a list of family-friendly places in Indiana and at-home activities as well. Read the blog here.

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