Parents are #HappyBecause of Cornerstone

April 30, 2014 - Morgan McClellan

Parents are #HappyBecause of Cornerstone

For Autism Awareness month, we created a #HappyBecause campaign with a video to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams and chalkboard photos displaying the many reasons why the Cornerstone kiddos and staff are happy. However, we have found not only are the staff and kids happy to be a part of Cornerstone Autism Center, but the parents are too! Read why some of our parents are happy with their choice of ABA centers.

For more images, visit the splash page of our Happy Because campaign. Lots of reasons to smile!

Happy Because_Marcus
Sharon is happy because… “My son Marcus is so happy at Cornerstone! What a great atmosphere–he is learning while having fun! Marcus is putting two words (sometimes more) together to tell us his needs. His behaviors have decreased and overall life with my child is getting easier. The therapists truly have passion in what they do; they love our children and it shows. My child wants to be there and looks forward to it. Thank you Cornerstone!”

Happy Because_ Diego
Joel is happy because… “My son Diego understands me. I’m happy because my son is so happy. I know my child is making progress because he talks to me. I am happy I found Cornerstone because my son’s future looks brighter!”

Happy Because_Layden
Rachelle is happy because… “Exactly one year ago today, my son Layden had his first day of ABA at Cornerstone. Erich and I cried because we were so happy for him to finally have this opportunity at such an amazing place. It was a terrifying thought to leave my little non-verbal three-year-old with complete strangers for an entire day, but as soon as we met the staff we saw how loving and passionate they were and our worries subsided. We were left with nothing but excitement!”

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April 30, 2014, Morgan McClellan

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