Intake Coordinator…What Does It Mean?

May 27, 2015 - Morgan McClellan

Intake Coordinator…What Does It Mean?

Cornerstone Autism Center would like to introduce our Intake Coordinator, Vicki Moyer.

Vicki had previously worked in our client services department assisting with current client’s insurance needs. In March, she took over the position as our Intake Coordinator. Vicki would like to explain her new role:

I am the first person a parent will talk to when contacting Cornerstone with questions either regarding diagnostic testing or enrollment of their child at our center. I am at our Greenwood location, but I work with all three centers.

Diagnostic Testing

Quite often, a child will be referred to our center for diagnostic testing to either confirm or rule out Autism.   This can be an overwhelming situation for parents, and they have many questions. I am here to help guide them through the process of filling out our diagnostic questionnaire. I assist them with obtaining any necessary documentation. I verify and explain their insurance coverage and benefits.   I will schedule an appointment for their child with our Clinical Psychologist.


When a child has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, I am here to assist parents in every step of the way with the enrollment of their child at Cornerstone. I will help to guide them through the enrollment paperwork. I assist in obtaining all necessary documentation needed for enrollment.  I will call insurance to verify coverage and benefits for ABA therapy. Insurance can be very confusing, but I am here to help parents navigate through the whole process. ­­­After all necessary documentation has been received, I will schedule an assessment so that a treatment plan can be developed. After the assessment is completed, I work with insurance companies to obtain authorization for ABA services at Cornerstone. ­­­­

I am always available to discuss any questions parents may have.   My goal is to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.

If you have questions about enrollment or diagnostic testing, you can give Vicki a call at 317-888-1557.

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May 27, 2015, Morgan McClellan

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