Frontline Focus: Brian Cherry

February 17, 2014 - sheila

Frontline Focus: Brian Cherry

briancherryBrian Cherry joined our team in February of 2013. After spending a year at Cornerstone, Brian has been able to reflect on the many positive aspects of joining the Cornerstone family. Find out what he has to say:

When I got my Bachelors in Psychology from Butler University (GO BULLDOGS!), I wanted to use my degree in a way that I could give back and help others. Cornerstone has helped me achieve that.  I’ve currently been in the field of ABA for a little over 3 years now and specifically have been with Cornerstone for a year now.  People tell me that we touch so many lives in this field but people outside our field don’t realize that these kiddos touch our lives too in so many ways.  In fact, every kiddo I’ve worked with has made me a better therapist and in turn helped me help them achieve all that they can.  They are what make this job rewarding every single day I come in.  Along with that, the staff at Cornerstone is such a delight to be around. It’s amazing to work at a job with co-workers who are so supportive to both each other and the kiddos!

Cornerstone Autism Center is one-of-a-kind.  Sure, Indiana has several centers across the state, but here at Cornerstone we are like family, not just co-workers. The amount of love and effort we give and put in with each kiddo is what we do best.  In fact that’s what each one of them is: a kid.  I don’t look at the kiddos I work with as “clients” but in fact kids that we get to play with and help them achieve all that they are possible of achieving and I think that’s what makes Cornerstone one-of-a-kind.  Cornerstone has taught me that it is possible to work at a place that is so supportive and has awesome co-workers and kiddos.  What more can you ask for in one place!?  It is because of this that Cornerstone has helped me become a better ABA therapist!

When I reflect back on my one year at Cornerstone, there’s one story that stands out to me the most.  One of the kiddos I started with had a shoe tying program that he had been stuck on for months and he couldn’t seem to grasp the concept.   When I spoke to his clinical lead and his afternoon therapist, we came up with an idea using a story line from one of his favorite books and had him recite the story line as he tied his shoes.  IT WORKED! At the time we were using a model shoe to practice on. The following week we began working on tying his shoe on his own foot.  In less than a month, he was independently tying his shoe!  It is little achievements like these that motivated me to start graduate school in the ABA master’s program at Ball State.  I hope to continue doing therapy for many years to come at Cornerstone so I can continue seeing these achievements come to life!

Brian was voted by his co-workers in Greenwood as the therapist that exudes, “Maximize those who struggle”.

February 17, 2014, sheila

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