Cornerstone Celebrates a Special “Twosday”

February 24, 2022 - Kim Hogan & Debbie Ide

Cornerstone Celebrates a Special “Twosday”

February 22, 2022, was not a normal Tuesday. Marked on the calendar as 2/22/22 and falling on a Tuesday, it was more appropriately referred to as “Twosday”. This once-in-a-lifetime day will not happen again for four hundred years, and people celebrated the event in a range of ways—from wearing special t-shirts to exchanging wedding vows to commemorate the uniqueness of the date. This special date is also a palindrome because it reads the same forward and backward.

At Cornerstone we like to celebrate the unique and look for fun ways to engage the staff. For instance, this special “Twosday” became an opportunity for staff to dress in double. They could wear two hats, two watches or have two pigtails. Another more popular option was “twinning,” which was simply to dress the same as another coworker or client. Staff and clients came ready in their twinning best!

Every celebration calls for special treats, so centers provided staff with delicious Twix bars. For the clients, the therapists enjoyed working with them on special Twos coloring pages and worksheets all about the number Two.

This day was fun and silly, a nice little surprise on an otherwise cold, February day. Staff and clients loved commemorating what might have seemed like any other day but was so much more! Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram to see all the photos and videos of our staff and clients enjoying 2/22/22!

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February 24, 2022, Kim Hogan & Debbie Ide

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