August 2019 Newsletter

Generalizing skills, like tacting, to everyday situations and experiences is one of Cornerstone’s goals for our clients. Teaching our clients to identify items on their own spontaneously will help our kids grow in their communication, self awareness and understanding of the world around them. Watch our latest training video on Tacting to learn more about the term and how it applies to therapy at Cornerstone!

This year, Clinical Director and BCBA Holly Barszcz went to Africa for 11 days. While she was there, she studied how behavior science and related fields develop solutions to meaningful social problems within the socio-cultural context of South Africa and our own communities. One of Holly’s Dream Manager goals is to travel, so she was able to achieve one of her dreams by studying abroad. Read about Holly’s experience on our latest blog post, Applying Behavior Analysis in Africa.

Thank you to these staff members for Maximizing Those Who Struggle, Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

Melissa, Therapist and Admin

The most memorable vacation I have taken was when my boyfriend, now fiance, surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a trip to Venice Beach, California. We stayed right on the beach, went to the pier, and ate so much good food!

My Dream Manager Goal since January has been to transition from a Pescatarian diet to a vegan diet. I’ve made a lot of progress, like switching to almond milk, vegan butter and cheese, and eating more veggies! I think in a month more I should accomplish my goal. One of my favorite snacks to eat is hummus. I use Ina Garten’s recipe because it’s quick and easy.

I love talking about baking with my current client. She’s also made so much progress lately. When she’s upset, she’ll tell me she’s frustrated and why. I’m so proud of all of her progress.

Megan, Therapist and Support

In my free time I enjoy biking, hiking, traveling, and exploring new places. One of my Dream Manager Goals was to travel to Alaska. I got to go in 2017 and had a wonderful time hiking, seeing the wildlife, and visiting family. I loved it there and hope to return someday.

I also love to visit different farmer’s markets and try out new recipes. My favorite recipe right now is the spicy vegan black bean soup recipe from I use one less can of black beans, and add the avocado and lime or lemon juice on top, and it is so good.

I enjoy working with kids because of their energy, creativity, and imagination. They are so funny and full of love. I especially enjoy working on mand training with clients– teaching them how to ask for or request different items or activities.

Kim, Marketing Assistant

Since coming to Cornerstone, I have gotten more involved in my photography. The more I practice, the better I get. It is really exciting to see the progress that I have made.

I am currently in the process of reading all of the Harry Potter books. I have just started reading The Goblet of Fire and as of right now it is my favorite! I love these books because they are fun and exciting and simply a good read. I would love to one day read these books to my future children and bond over such a lovely series.

My favorite place in the world is New Zealand. Not only am I a fan of Lord of the Rings but the country looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

My favorite memory here was when I had just started my new position as Marketing Assistant, and I was over at our Madison location to get some photos for our social media. Before I left, one of the kiddos walked around the corner and said, “Hi Kim, I miss you.” It was so sweet that they remembered me, and it definitely made my day!

Growth mindset involves a person’s willingness to take on challenges and keep working on them despite setbacks, as well as a belief that their abilities can improve over time. Parents can help their children to build a growth mindset using books and activities that encourage them to say “What’s next?” and “I can”—instead of “I’m done” and “I can’t.” Visit the website for free printable growth mindset activities and a list of books for kids.

Social stories are appropriate for children who are able to have a conversation but may need help understanding how to act in social situations. There are many great resources online to help you create a social story for your child. This post from shares apps, websites, and a printable comic strip template, as well as options for stock photos you can use for your stories. The Social Story Sampler shares some example stories. Contact your child’s BCBA if you’re unsure whether social stories would be appropriate to use with your child.

Indiana’s Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) is engaged in a two year process to redesign Medicaid Waivers for individuals with intellectual disabilities. DDRS is seeking input from families, providers, and people with disabilities. To respond to the DDRS Medicaid Waiver Survey and share your ideas, visit:

Race 4 Autism | Join us for a formal event benefiting Central Indiana children with autism & their families. We will have music, dancing, hors d’oeuvres, cocktail hour, red carpet photo opportunities, a silent auction, & more! Tickets are on sale now & will run out fast! Get yours by clicking here.

All centers  Sign up for a Parent Resource Meeting to discuss Medicaid Waiver, guardianship, grants, safety supports, transition to school, activities for kids, and other resources for your family. Email Sheila at to set up an individual meeting at your center.

Greenwood Polk  8/29 8:45 am  Picky Eaters  In this workshop we will explore possible reasons behind picky eating, as well as ideas and simple steps toward helping kids try new foods and expand their palates. RSVP to Sheila at or through our Facebook event link.

All centers will be closed Monday, September 2nd in observance of Labor Day.

All centers Picture Days will be scheduled soon, be on the lookout for more information on when photos will be taken by our photographers.

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