August 2020 Newsletter

Cornerstone News

This year, Cornerstone is celebrating 10 Years of Maximizing, Embracing and Fulfilling since opening in Greenwood. Both the Center Grove and Greenwood Magazines shared an article about this milestone, with interviews from Co-Founders Debbie Ide and Ken Weadick. You can read the full article, titled A Decade of Life-Changing Therapy, at this link.

You can also read the full article at the bottom of our latest blog post, click here.

Picture Day   We are excited to announce that Cornerstone will have a picture day for each center in August! Below is the schedule for picture day, and any changes will be sent home in a letter. You are welcome to send in an outfit for your child to wear for the photo (let the morning therapist know), or for them to be dressed up all day. These photos will be emailed to all families within a few weeks. Questions can be sent to Morgan at or call 317-888-1557.

  • August 4th – Edinburgh
  • August 11th – Polk
  • August 13th – Madison
  • August 20 – West Lafayette

ALL Centers closed for Labor Day — Monday, September 7th 

Thank you to these staff members for Maximizing Those Who Struggle, Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

Ellen Thang, BCBA   Over the last year, I completed my master’s program at Ball State University for Applied Behavior Analysis and passed my certification to be a BCBA! I also finished paying off my car and my next big purchase will be a house.

One of the best things about working with children with autism is watching the progress they make every day and celebrating with them. Witnessing the spark of understanding in their eyes when they learn something new is unparalleled.



Abby M., Therapist
I love to hang out with my family, especially my 5 nephews. I also spend my free-time drawing, watching new girl or Grey’s Anatomy.

One of my favorite things about working with kids with autism is how unique and authentically themselves the children are. We live in a world where everyone just wants to be like everyone else and people worry so much about fitting in that sometimes they forget to be themselves. I learn so much from these kids every day about being who you are. Each one of these kids have personalities that are completely their own, and I love that I get to be a part of something so special.



Maddie Mueller, BCBA   I enjoy baking and cooking, and watching the Food Network. I also enjoy traveling to new places to try new food. I also have a spirit for adventure!

Most recently, I’ve enjoyed going to new US cities and going on food tours. Both of my favorite things at once! As an avid baseball fan, one of my dreams is to watch a game at every major league baseball park in the United States.



Transition to Adulthood
Helping a child transition into adulthood can be difficult for any family. But sometimes individuals with special needs require additional preparation and support to prepare them for that change from older child to young adult. In our newest blog post, we’ll explore a few steps families can take to help them on this journey.

Cornerstone’s Client Services Department

Commercial Insurance Terms Webinar  The world of health insurance can be a little confusing. As a matter of fact, it seems that health insurance coverage gets more complicated by the day. Our Commercial Insurance Terms Webinar was created to help families learn about common terminology used by the insurance industry. If you have additional questions, you can call our center at 317-888-1557, and one of our experienced Client Services Department staff will walk you through the insurance and billing process.

Public School Transition  This time of year, some of our clients and their families begin to prepare for the transition from ABA therapy into public school. This is a bitter sweet time for our staff– we are so happy for our clients and families, and extremely proud of the progress our clients have made. But we’re also going to miss seeing them every day! Our staff work hard to help families prepare for this transition and to learn about the process. In this blog post from our website, two Board Certified Behavior Analysts at Cornerstone Autism Center share tips for classroom kids. Families can also talk with our Parent Liaison for ideas and information specific to their child’s unique situation. And there are great resources online, including Special Education: IEP Tips by The Autism Community in Action and Parent’s Guide to the IEP by IN*SOURCE. We wish all of our graduating clients a wonderful start to the new school year!

The incredible therapists and staff members at Cornerstone deserve the highest praise. When my grandson went there 5 years ago he couldn’t talk at all. They made so many differences in his life. The staff at Cornerstone are the most loving and caring people I have ever encountered; they know what they’re doing and get amazing results.Today my grandson graduated and it broke my heart to leave these wonderful people. They love him as much his family does and were an integral part in helping him to communicate and thrive in daily activities. They truly live up to the name “Cornerstone”. They have given my grandson the tools he needs and have been a cornerstone to his success in life. We love Cornerstone Autism Center and recommend it highly!


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