Vicki Moyer, Intake Coordinator

Vicki Moyer

Intake Coordinator

Vicki is famous for her expertise in making the perfect pot of morning coffee. She loves to laugh, that’s why being surrounded by happy, positive people is very important to her.  She enjoys taking weekend trips with her husband, Jack, and spending time with her children, John and Tawni, and her grandson, Ashton.

Vicki believes that you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream, this is why she’s pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Some of her interests include: shopping, reading, decorating, going to the movies and traveling. Vicki has traveled to thirty-six states.

Her favorite French expression is “La vie est belle” meaning “Life is beautiful”. Her dream is to go to Paris in April 2018 to celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary.

Intake Coordinator

What does Cornerstone mean to you?

“Cornerstone is more than a job to me. It’s been a life changing experience.”

How has working at Cornerstone impacted you?

“The kiddo’s have brought happiness and positivity into my life. My co-workers are a joy to be around.”

What is the most inspiring part of working at Cornerstone?

“Seeing the kiddos’ smiling faces everyday is inspiring to me. I enjoy it when they stop by the billing office to visit us.”

What’s your favorite Cornerstone memory?

“Make It Happen Day.”

Describe your Cornerstone experience in a sentence.

“Life changing experience.”