Rebecca Walters, Utilization & Quality Review Manager

Rebecca Walters

Utilization & Quality Review Manager

Masters of Forensic Psychology

Rebecca is a lifelong learner who loves watching documentaries, the travel channel, food network, HGTV and listening to NPR. She loves to talk, laugh, listen, learn and solve problems. She believes in always looking out for the underdog, being kind to everyone, because you never know the life they’ve led. Everyone can make a difference, so everyone should try! Life is a journey, might as well enjoy the ride while you are here and help as many people as you can along the way! Her greatest accomplishment in life are her two children, Tyler and Ana, they are her pride and joy!

She has two dreams: to finish her PhD in Psychology before she turns 50 and to retire on a tropical island!

Client Services Coordinator

Masters of Forensic Psychology