Rachelle Vaughn, Administrative Assistant, Columbus

Rachelle Vaughn

Administrative Assistant, Columbus

Bachelor’s in Communication and General Studies, IUPUI

As the mom of two handsome, high energy boys on the spectrum, Rachelle never experiences a dull moment or boring day. Her oldest son, Layden, began therapy at Cornerstone in 2012 while her youngest son, Cooper, was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the beginning of 2016.

Her favorite sounds are her children’s laughter and a running washer and dryer. Folding laundry? Not so much. In her spare time, she volunteers at an art studio, watches Notre Dame Football with her husband, organizes then reorganizes their house, and can’t wait until their annual family trip to Beverly Shores, Indiana where they can relax on the beach of Lake Michigan, soak up the sun, and she can see huge smiles on her little boys’ faces.

Her dream is to one-day start an autism based non-profit organization.

Administrative Support

Bachelor’s in Communication and General Studies, IUPUI