Phillipe Sallade, BCaBA and Training Coordinator

Phillipe Sallade

BCaBA and Training Coordinator

Bachelors in Psychology, Indiana Wesleyan University
Certified PCM Instructor

Phillipe Sallade does what he wants.  He may have short term memory loss, as he regularly forgets what he is doing or what his wife just told him.  Phillipe has been an employee of Cornerstone since the winter of 2011.  During his time at Cornerstone, Phillipe has used his compassion for children and desire to make his co-workers smile as driving forces to positively impact those around him.  He is the founder of the “Make It Happen Mustache” and a strong advocate for Ginger rights.  Phillipe enjoys going to the park with his family, listening to music via vinyl records and playing soccer with his children.

His dream is to one day grow a beard and sail the open sea.

Clinical Support, Therapist, and Trainer

Bachelors in Psychology, Indiana Wesleyan University
Certified PCM Instructor

What does Cornerstone mean to you?

“It is a place that is full of people that encourage and uplift me. The relationships that I’ve made with co-workers, clients and parents have been so special and unlike others that I have had elsewhere.”

How has working at Cornerstone impacted you?

“Since I’ve been working here I have gotten married, had a son, and bought a house. Cornerstone has encouraged me in all areas of my life. It has pushed me to be a better employee and go after my goals in my personal life.”

What is the most inspiring part of working at Cornerstone?

“Working with clients and seeing the great improvements they make while being here. Helping them develop skills and seeing them graduate to typical school is amazing.”