Jake Paquette, Team Lead

Jake Paquette

Team Lead

Bachelors in Telecommunications, Indiana University

When Jake is not playing a competitive game of spikeball, he is most likely hanging out with his dog. He is always singing or humming a tune from his favorite songs.  A fun fact about Jake is that he loves to put ranch dressing on his food.

Team Lead

Bachelors in Telecommunications, Indiana University

What does Cornerstone mean to you?

“It means the opportunity to change lives, to be a part of something truly special.”

How has working in the center impacted your life?

“Working at the center has convinced me that this job is what I want to do forever and is the reason I plan to further my education.”

What is the most inspiring aspect of being a therapist?

“The moment when you see a child understand something and the utmost excitement they express. I take for granted the simple things, but being able to celebrate those moments with my kiddos is the best thing ever.”

What is your favorite Cornerstone memory?

“My favorite memory is after working on one program for 4 months with one of my kiddos, he finally got it. Seeing progress over months of work — that’s why I do what I do.”