Ashley Sullivan, Team Lead

Ashley Sullivan

Team Lead

Bachelors in Social Work, IUPUI

Ashley is a laidback girl who has an obsession with junk food and her Boston Terrier, Fin. She wants to have as many pets as possible. Give her a good book, some chocolate and her dog to cuddle and she’ll be happy for days.

Her dream is to open her own pizza/cupcake shop.

Team Lead

Bachelors in Social Work, IUPUI

What does Cornerstone mean to you?

“It’s not just a job. Every day I wonder how I got so blessed. I love seeing the excitement on a parent’s face when they hear his or her child learned something new. It’s so rewarding to get to play a tiny part in that child’s progress.”

How has working in the center impacted your life?

“I’ve been so much happier. I have a job that I look forward to going to every day.”

What is the most inspiring aspect of being a therapist?

“I love just seeing the progress the kids make. Watching them do something that a few months ago they couldn’t do is really rewarding.”

What is your favorite Cornerstone memory?

“Make It Happen Day was pretty cool. I also enjoyed the Fever Game for Cornerstone’s 4th Anniversary.”

How would you describe your overall experience at Cornerstone within a sentence?

“Amazing and rewarding!”