Arielle Lofgren, Team Lead

Arielle Lofgren

Team Lead

Bachelors in Elementary Education, Indiana Wesleyan

It is no secret that Arielle loves Dr. Seuss. She has started collecting as many Dr. Seuss books as she can. Arielle loves reading in general. She hopes to read at least one book every month and started a book club at Cornerstone. Outside of reading, Arielle also enjoys cooking and searching for the latest recipe to try. When she is not reading or cooking, Arielle is spending time with her husband and two cats.

Arielle’s dream is to own a home.

Team Lead

Bachelors in Elementary Education, Indiana Wesleyan

What does Cornerstone mean to you?

“Cornerstone is a place for hope, support and growth. Everyone who comes through the doors will be changed for the better!”

How has working in the center impacted your life?

“Cornerstone has shown me that I can love my job and make a difference in the lives of children and families.”

What is the most inspiring aspect of being a therapist?

“I’m so inspired by the progress I see in our kids day to day and over time. It’s amazing to look at where a child started and see all the growth they’ve made.”

What is your favorite Cornerstone memory?

“My favorite memory was when the client I was working with, who had not previously had much interest in peers and would not go outside to play at Cornerstone, asked to go outside and play basketball with a peer. It made me so happy to see the fun he was having!”

How would you describe your overall experience at Cornerstone?

“The people I have met and experiences I’ve had at Cornerstone bring me so much joy and hope for the children of families we serve.”