Matthew’s Story

Where Matthew  Started

When Mathew started, he was asking for items in three word phrases, sensitive to sensory activities, and frequently engaged in physical aggression towards peers when asked to share. He exhibited dangerous behavior while at home, including elopement from the house. Mathew also engaged in non-compliance behavior at Cornerstone that lasted an average of 48 minutes long. He would frequently engage in tantrum behavior to escape demands.

How Matthew Improved

Mathew is now able to work on programming for 10 minutes at a time without exhibiting problem behaviors. He has extensive knowledge of the solar system and loves sharing this information with peers and therapists. Mathew mastered every target on the VB-MAPP assessment and enjoyed working on daily living skills as well.  One of his top reinforcers was a sensory activity- playing with color-changing putty. During his last month at Cornerstone, the average duration of Mathew’s noncompliance behavior was less than 3 minutes.

“Mathew was a great pleasure to work with,” said therapist Sean Crye. “I watched his behaviors reduce greatly over time, and I witnessed him gain many skills during his time at Cornerstone. I had the opportunity to watch him transition back to public school where he demonstrated fluency in the social skills that he had learned and utilized functional language in order to explain when he was upset.”

Matthew has been attending school part day since August 7th, 2018. After graduating from Cornerstone, Matthew was able to transition to elementary school full-time!