Parents / Caregivers

As a Cornerstone parent or caregiver, you’re an active partner in your child’s development. You’re the frontline to re-emphasize the skills and instruction of treatment in your home and daily life — always encouraging, nurturing and celebrating milestones along the way. Cornerstone will train you in behavior-therapy functions and correct methods to develop routines and reinforcements. Home visits by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst or senior clinician are available.

Because your child may struggle to verbalize their day, a communication notebook travels between therapy and home. The notebook provides you with daily progress reports and offers recommendations based on therapists' one-on-one feedback, classroom sessions, interaction with other children, auxiliary therapy such as speech, occupational and art, and more. The notebook also shares valuable information with our therapists about your child’s behavior at home and provides information for monthly, quarterly and semi-annual progress reports, after which your child’s treatment plan may be revised to reflect results.

We Help Answer the Hard Questions

Your insurance company may cover the expense of enrolling your child in behavior therapy at Cornerstone. Our insurance experts navigate Indiana’s mandate of coverage for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) to ensure that families receive the coverage protected under state law. Best of all, Cornerstone handles every step of the insurance-claim process, freeing you to confidently focus on caring for your child.

Cornerstone’s comprehensive knowledge of complex insurance questions is just one result of attracting Indiana’s best and brightest therapists and staff to improve your child’s life. And we encourage their development every day as well.