Autism Diagnostics Overview

Why won’t my child look anyone in the eye? Why can’t my child make friends? Why won’t my child respond to me?

We know the questions you have about behavior that suggests autism can be overwhelming. There is no simple test for autism. However, at Cornerstone Autism Diagnostics, we understand your concerns and have gathered the resources you need to answer your questions. Located in Greenwood, our multidisciplinary team provides an evaluation process to diagnose, or rule out, autism.

Led by an independent clinical psychologist, our multidisciplinary team of experts conducts a comprehensive analysis of your child’s behavior. After diagnosing or ruling out autism, we provide a thorough, written report with individualized recommendations for your child. We’ll even assist you in navigating the complex insurance process.

Autism is never anything a parent wants to consider. However, if your child struggles with autism, early diagnosis is essential to effective intervention. Cornerstone Autism Diagnostics lets you take the first step toward a life of progress and possibilities for your child.